Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Yard Bird!

Upon arriving home from work this afternoon, and having parked the family minivan in the driveway, and opened my door, I immediately heard a rising zhreeeeeeeeet that I think sounds like a tent zipper.  I knew what it was and I was anxious to see it.  This wouild be a new yard bird for me in this my Bountiful, Utah home.  (Do you know what it is yet?) 

We have this standing rule in our household (well its my wife's rule anyway) that before I can look at birds in the backyard after work, I must actually enter the house and kiss my wife (something about putting her first in my life, even before birds).  So, I dashed in, gave my wife a quick peck on the cheek, grabbed the camera and exclaimed, "Gotta go. New yard bird!"

"It figures," Jessica responded with feigned disgust but an understanding twinkle in her eye.

There on the nyger feeder was a rather tiny bird with a sharp pointed bill.  It is kinda plain and light brownish, kinda like a female House Finch, but with a hint of yellow in its wings. (Now do you know what it is?)

Pine Siskin - Bountiful, UT -  Yard Bird #31
Even if you are not a Big Lister, keeping a list of yard birds is a blast.  Everybody should do it!  Keeping your list of yard birds on eBird is even better.  eBird keeps them organized for you and it helps bird science.  Over time you can really see patterns of the comings and goings of birds to your little oasis.

Other backyard birding notes of recent days....

The neighborhood not-so-wild Wild Turkey
The neighborhood Wild Turkey is still around.  Yesterday I was dumping some old left-overs into the compost container when a sudden noise startled me.  There was the Turkey just two feet away from me.

I recently put up a suet feeder and everyday when I come home from work a sweet little female Downy Woodpecker is there fattening up for motherhood.

The Dark-eyed Juncos show up whenever it snows, which is still once a week here in Utah.  They are singing when they visit.  I just love the song of the Junco.

It's fun to live in Utah where I get both American Goldfinches and Lesser Goldfinches at my feeder.  In Idaho we had occasional Lessers in the area, but never at my feeder.  In Arizona, I only had Lessers.

The Western Scrub Jays seem to have set up a nest in our front pine tree.  It's really a dense tree.  Either that, or they are raiding House Sparrow nests for food.  Time will tell.  They also seem to enjoy the peanuts I put out for them.


  1. Beautiful Pine Siskin. Funny about the turkey ... my sister used to have one visit her feeders, ate right out of them!

  2. I've been waiting for a pine siskin for 11 years at this house (and in 10 years I only had one once at our other house). Yeah!! Glad your yard list grew!!

  3. Well done on this new yard bird, and that's for sure one i will not see over here ;-) Funny to think that one of this backyard bird is wild turkey ;-)

  4. Congrats ... definitely worth a quick peck on the cheek! I usually shout 'look at this' and get the response 'what now!!'

  5. Awesome! Congrats on #31! I just added Brown-headed cowbird to my MA Life List. It wasn't in my yard but just down the street in the neighborhood behind me! I'm acutally not sure what my yard list is up to. Will have to get back to you on that! There's been nothing new for a long time but soon that will change I think.