Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ode to the Cowbird - a sonnet

Brown-headed Cowbird
Behold the glorious Brown-headed Cowbird
Nary a nest built by power of its own
For which birders disdain is soundly absurd
Orphaning its eggs, seeds of wrath hath it sown
Polyandrous females so filled with lust
Three dozen ovums each season she lays
"Evolutionary genius" is more just
Hatching early, the advantage it plays
Cowbird chicks nurtured with fostering care
Displacing their broodmates with growth and girth
Their method is strange, but not without flair
Princes were not always of noble birth
     And this, my ode to the cowbird is sung.
     Anybody want to raise my four young?!


  1. So true. I got some really good shots of a Common Yellowthroat feeding a young Cowbird yesterday. I watched in amazement at the size difference and could not help but wonder why. Nature vs. nurture? Drop in for a look at the photos -

  2. Hey - those are my grandbabies you're talking about! Just wait a few years, then it will get interesting!
    And you do a very fine job of raising them!

  3. @Paula - Love your post! I've seen similar with tiny Yellow Warbler momma. Thanks for posting and linking to your awesome blog.

    @Kent & Wendy - Most days I am happy to raise your grandbabies. Glad I learned my parenting skills from the best!

  4. P.s. well done with the sonnet I mean!