Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recent Bird Photos from my Patch

My birding patch list is up to 77 species.  My bar chart in eBird is starting to take shape and is beginning to show the patterns of migration in and out of my patch.  Here are some recent photos I've taken of birds at my patch!
Gray Catbird
The Gray Catbird has a range very similar to the Eastern Kingbird.  It is a regular bird in Utah and Idaho, but seems to avoid being seen by a lot of birders.  This one was singing away at my patch and I spend most of my lunch hour trying to get decent photos without much success.
My patch is still flooded in portions going both north and south on the trail.  I used to have ways around, but now there is standing water pretty much everywhere as the river is running so high.
Warbling Vireo
Western Kingbird
Bullock's Oriole


  1. Interesting and great photos. I got a lifer in the last three days - a Summer Tanager at Market Lake. Wish you had been here.

  2. Interesting birds you get on your patch and I love the oriole a lot... 77 species, Iðm happy to see that we are getting equal in that term, although we probably do not see the same sðecies at all ;-)

  3. Great place for birds! Love your photos, especially the oriole.

  4. Thank you, thank you! I just returned from an evening's birding having been very frustrated trying to get on a bird that I could clearly hear singing. I had a split second view that happened to be exactly the same as your warbling vireo photo. I cross-checked with a recording in iTunes, smacked myself on the forehead with a loud "Doh!", add added the species to my list for the evening. Thanks to you I will never forget that call again!

  5. What kind of tree is the Gray Catbird in? Thank you!