Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rare Bird Report

Last Friday, about noon, on the trail north of Germania Park along the Jordan River Parkway Trail, I observed a Plumage-less Double-breasted Hip-swinger being a photographed in the bushes.  As I approached, this rare species attempted to conceal itself in the thicket while the photographer nonchalantly rummaged in his equipment bag.  I was still able to quickly identify it as belonging to the "plumage-less" family.  On my way back to my car, the species was not so shy and was out in the open and standing on stilts for the photographer.  

Now the provenance of this species is questionable. Judging by the few sounds I heard it make, I am figuring this was a Russian or at least eastern European species, possibly obtained by way of mail-order by the photographer to be used in a specialized internet trade. I am hopeful that it was indeed an adult as it was obviously of breeding age.

I intentionally avoided reporting this sighting earlier so as to protect the pristine habitat from being overridden by twitchers. Anyway, I don't think this species will be "countable" on the ABA checklist anytime soon and you are not likely to find it lingering in the same area.  My sincere apologies to the Utah Bird Review Committee for my lack of photo documentation.  I was all nervous, like a 12-year-old boy, and lost my birding focus due to sensory overload.


  1. I think I saw a few of those featherless birds around the fountains in Washington DC in shorts and skirts!!!!! Great birding.

  2. @Bill - it was cool to read about your trip to DC. I went there with my family when I was 15 and then this last fall I spent a lot of time in that area for work. I wish I could have been there during the Spring warbler migration. Oh well, something to look forward to.

  3. LOL! You have such a great sense of humor and what poise! I would have been all flustered!