Friday, February 3, 2012

Birds and Pellets...a new birding blog trend?

Two blogs today, each featuring birds hacking up pellets. Nature is so cool and disgusting. These two were too good and too similar today not to share:

BiF's own Mia McPherson shares beautiful images of a Loggerhead Shrike expelling a gross pellet.

Birds Calgary's Bob Lefebvre posts with graphic images of a Northern Saw-whet Owl expelling a pellet.



  1. Thanks for sharing this Robert, I couldn't believe how big the pellet was that the Saw-Whet expell, it was huge!

  2. Awesome! Mia's photos are breath-taking (what's new there?). As for that Saw=Whet Owl, one might say, "I never knew he had it in him..."

  3. I have been searching in vain so far for owl pellets, but you can bet if I find one, there will be a post on dissecting it. The kids , wife and I have ordered owl pellets from a science company before, pretty neat stuff.