Thursday, March 29, 2012

Band on the Run

This week at Demott Pond in Clinton, NJ (one of my local patches), I noticed a Canada Goose with a leg band.  While it is pretty easy to read neck bands on geese, it is a real chore to read the much smaller leg bands.

I couldn't read the band as the goose ran around on the side of the road with its mate, but I started snapping shots hoping to get one where the band was readable.

I managed to get over 50 shots.  And some you can almost make out.  Tantalizingly close.  But.Just.Not.Quite!  Ugh!  

I guess I'll just have to keep my eye out.  Most of the migratory geese are already gone, so this may well be a local nester.  Hopefully next time I'll have better luck!

by Rob Fergus


  1. Wonderful to see your efforts... they use big bright plastic leg ones in the UK. I am in awe of the work some people put into recording migration.

  2. That's tough! It seems impossible to record that number short of recapturing the bird. Valiant effort sir!

  3. Not an easy task. So very difficult with the shadows and goose in motion. Good try!