Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring is coming

First I would like to wish all who like to celebrate a Happy St. Patrick's Day.  This day has many meanings to many people.  For my wife & I it mainly is a chance to celebrate our partial Irish heritage and an excuse to have corned beef & cabbage several times in so many weeks.

   The last two weeks have been magical listening to the birds start their spring singing.  The chickadees were probably the first set of songs I heard, followed shortly by the Tufted Titmice, Song Sparrows.

From 3.12
From 3.12
From 3.12
Last week, tentative calls without showing their epaulets became full fledged territory challenges among male Red-Winged Blackbirds.
When not in their own territory the males will hide the red epaulet like this fellow here - From 2-12
From last year's photos, as I have not yet photographed one in full call this year. From Scrapbook Photos

The Northern Cardinals are singing and no longer congregating in groups, although no witnessed feeding behavior yet.  Once paired up the males can be observed feeding the females.  The American Robins have made the change from treetops in groups to foraging on the ground, along with being more vocal.
Northern Cardinal male at the feeders - From 2-12
American Robin sitting in a tree as I tried to take it's picture on the ground;  at least it let me stay close - From 3.12

The pair of Red-Tail Hawks I have been watching build their nest are still hanging around the nest one at a time and changing shifts but not always in it, so likely no eggs.  The nest has become quite large since they started, and I wish I could give better images.
Red-Tail Hawk nest - From 3.12
Red-Tail Hawk From 3.12
From 2-12


  1. Lovely photos Dan.You have some scintillating shots of twitter-pated birds : )

  2. The joy of spring! Great pix, Dan.

  3. Thanks for brightening my morning with this wonderful post! Lovely photographs of beautiful spring birds!

  4. Great stuff from your neck of the woods Dan! Happy St. Patrick's day to you and yours!

  5. Beautiful photos Dan! All the more reason to love spring!!

  6. Thanks very much for the kind comments all :)