Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recent Birding Pics

Ruddy Turnstones have been seen recently in the Salt Lake area, but this is one I photographed at the Crystal Coast in North Carolina last month. I think their color pattern is among the coolest of the shorebirds.
Cliff Swallow nests under the bridge of the Jordan River at my lunch-hour birding patch.
I caught this female Brown-headed Cowbird scoping out nests in which to deposit its eggs.
I've been hoping for some good Bullock's Oriole photos this year, but they're not cooperating too well. There do seem to be a lot of them this year and dang, they're beautiful!
Red-winged Blackbird on the wing over a marsh at Farmington Bay.
Lots of ducklings and goslings around these days. I have three of four neck collar numbers to submit to the USGS and find out where and when they were banded.
Western Kingbird at Farmington Bay - I have never noticed the green-yellow feathers on the back before. Kinda cool!
Back in North Carolina, we spent some time checking out the Beaufort historic cemetery. It was fascinating and I got to enjoy birds like the Northern Cardinal and Brown Thrashers that I don't get to see where I live. How many Cardinals do you see in this image?


  1. Cool Robert.

    I agree, Ruddy Turnstones are something special with that plumage. I'm diggin' this medley of photos, both from east and west side of the U.S.

    I see 2 Cardinals in the last photo. Is there some delicious twist, like the headstone is engraved "Reginald S. Cardinal 1887-1945"?

    1. You got both of the cardinal birds...but the Stanford graduate the the Catholic church leader are hidden somewhere in the background.

    2. Ah. My next guess would've been that the Stanford graduate is there 6 feet under the headstone.

  2. Ruddy Turnstones are gorgeous birds and even more so in breeding plumage. Very nice combination of east & western US!

  3. É tão relaxante ficar aqui no meio de tanta cor, silencio, água, floresta, tudo faz sentido! Apenas imagino o canto dos pássaros a entoar pelos vales verdejantes.
    Excelentes trabalhos.

  4. Beautiful pics! We featured the article in a tweet on AudubonNC!

  5. So many beautiful photographs of lovely birds! The Ruddy Turnstone certainly looks stunning in its breeding plumage. So nice for me to view the handsome Western Kingbird and gorgeous Bullock's Oriole, as I have never seen them before.

  6. Lovely pictures, your Ruddy Turnstone is awesome!