Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Birding

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher - From 4.12
My struggle to get out and bird whilst working and trying to get our house ready for sale in preparation for our move to VT continues. I have on my rare outing seen many first of year birds this last week, which has been wonderful. Sad to say the leaves now hide the Cooper's and Red-Tail hawk nests so no chance of spying chicks but hoepfully they are there and doing well. The parents continue to tend to the nest.
Red-Tail Hawk casting a warning glance at me - From 4.12
Eastern Towhee "Drinking his Tea"  - From 4.12
Eastern Bluebird male - From 4.12
Yellow Warbler - From 4.12
Warbling Vireo - From 4.12
Eastern Bluebird couple at their nest box - From 4.12
Common Yellowthroat male - From 4.12
Baltimore Oriole - From 4.12


  1. Looks like you're still fitting in some nice photography time Dan!
    Good luck with the move. Have you tried the Snowwhite method of singing a song and getting the birds and other animals to help you in your daily tasks?

  2. Hola compaƱera, que maravilla de fotos, una entrada con mucha variedad, un trabajo fantastico, te felicito.

    Un abrazo.

  3. Good luck with your move Dan, I hope you have birds a plenty at your new home!

  4. Some lovely photos Dan! Hope you are able to get out more once your move is complete, and I hope that your new home in Vermont is surrounded by birds. :-)

  5. So many beautiful spring birds! Love the gorgeous Eastern Bluebirds. Wishing you luck in selling your home.