Saturday, December 8, 2012

Random birding

Snoozing American Wigeons on a late fall evening. Digiscoped with Swarovski ATX scope and hand-held iPhone 4S. Fuller Park, Meridian, Idaho
Playing around with the iPhone's panorama functionality at the Kuna Sewage Ponds - a great place to spend one's lunch hour checking out winter water fowl. Click on the images for larger view to appreciate the 360 degree view of sewage.


  1. Não tenho a certeza mas parecem-me os patos reais.
    Eles são realmente belos e adaptam-se bem aos nossos lagos em climas temperados.

  2. Pretty wigeons! Fabulous captures from the iPhone panorama feature!

  3. I IPHONE has been so much fun on these trips. I've been doing lots of panoramics on our bird outings and it's actually very cool. You really can show the entire area being surveyed!

  4. Robert, only a birder would be checking out sewage ponds! Seems like a nice place to take a break from work!