Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Burnt Car Draw - Avimor

The family and I took an impromtu hike a little ways up Burnt Car Draw this evening. It was nice and cool after the days rain. It is kind of nerdy, but fun for me that even my young kids are starting to identify a few species very well.

Getting up in the hills takes you to another bird habitat, which means different species. This evening we were treated with a Chipping Sparrow perched on top of some bitter brush just singing away (kind of buzzing actually). We saw lots of Meadow Larks, Horned Larks, and even a few Lark Sparrows. All three have the name Lark, but they are very different birds. Here are some pictures so you can tell the difference:

Western Meadow Lark

Horned Lark

Lark Sparrow

Gray Catbird Update: I observed three separate Gray Catbirds this morning along Spring Valley Creek. Pretty cool that I've been able to see a new life bird so frequently in the last week.

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