Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Idaho Hummingbirds at Avimor

Hummingbirds are a blast to watch and they are some of the most beautiful birds. We have a couple feeders up at our Avimor home and we have several Black-chinned Hummingbirds visit every day. Sunday afternoon I sat on the patio with two of my girls and watched as a male perched atop our tree and would buzz down and run off any other hummer that approached the feeder. In his hot pursuit they would almost run into us as we sat there. My girls laughed and laughed as that little bully chased off the other hummers.

Idaho may not have the variety of hummingbirds that Arizona and Mexico have, but they are still fun. They can be tricky to identify, so a little study helps. Here are five species that you may see in Idaho in the order of probability based on my own experience. If you see anything other than the Black-chinned at Avimor, please let me know when and where!






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