Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some Avimor Bird Firsts

Now I am sure that these birds have been to Avimor before, but this is the first time that I have seen them and made an official record of their presence.

On Saturday, we observed the Eastern Kingbird. I have seen at least one every day since. The Eastern Kingbird is pictured at the top of the previous blog post.

During the Saturday bird walk, we walked past my home and we observed a House Sparrow feeding on the seed on my patio.
"The House Sparrow was introduced into Brooklyn, New York, in 1851. By 1900 it had spread to the Rocky Mountains. Two more introductions in the early 1870s, in San Francisco and Salt Lake City, aided the bird’s spread throughout the West. House Sparrows are now common across all of North America except Alaska and far northern Canada." (All About Birds).
I suppose as we add more homes and buildings we will get more and more House Sparrows.

I regularly see Brewer's Blackbirds, with their distinct yellow-eye along the side of Highway 55 around Shadow Valley Golf Course and this morning I saw a male and female pair feeding on the walk and grass around Avimor Town Lake.

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