Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Look what I found Daddy!!!
We held the Mortensen Easter Egg Hunt in our backyard Saturday morning.  Right during the middle of the kids running all over the yard, our little female Downy Woodpecker decided it was a good time to eat some suet.  Since I was right there with camera in hand, I took some photos of her too.  By the way, little miss Claire pictured above has affectionately named our little downy woodpecker "Elizabeth".  Oh, and the neighborhood not-so-wild Wild Turkey is still around and peeks in our basement windows at us all the time.  The turkey has been appropriately named "Peeping Tom".

In our family, we try to separate the religious and the commercial aspects of the holidays, but we do celebrate them all!  We had the Easter Bunny stuff on Saturday and today, Sunday will be more focused on the religious aspect of Easter.  For those of you who celebrate the true meaning of Easter, here is a nice short video clip that helps me remember the reason for the season:


  1. Thank you for posting beautiful.

  2. Great post. We also separate the two celebrations.

    Cliff and I are looking forward to our birding Memorial Weekend. We were together yesterday when we saw the Yellow-throated Warbler at the Ashton Hatchery..

  3. @Kathy D & Bill S. - Thanks for your comments!

    @Bill, I was reading about the YT Warbler on IBLE. Amazing that Idaho had two of them in the last few months. Several others were reported in the west, so something must have pushed them off course.