Saturday, April 23, 2011

Robert's Tweet-able Birding Blogs

Bullock's Oriole
They should be coming back soon!
Here are some great birding blog posts that were tweet-able in the last week, meaning that I thought they were good enough to share, so I tweeted them on Twitter.  You can follow me on Twitter @Birding_Is_Fun.  Please feel free to recommend Tweet-able birding blogs to me too.

The ABA Blog has some really good posts.  Nate of The Drinking Bird is doing a great job for the ABA coordinating that blog.  Here is an interesting post from Ted Floyd with a look-back at some early articles in what become Birding Magazine.  They were still trying to determine what a "birder" or "birdwatchers" is more than 40 years ago.

Greg Gillson hosts Pacific NW Birder and always has great photos and interesting posts.  Check out his recent Bushtit photo and a post about creating a Recent Sighting eBird Gadget for your website or blog.  Greg's was one of the first birding blogs I discovered and I've never stopped following it.  He has been one of my bird blogging mentors...and he probably doesn't even know it!  He's also been on my judging panel for bird photo competitions.  Good guy, good birder, good photographer...check it out!

Utah Birders is a fairly new multi-author blog that I have been enjoying since I moved to Utah.  I think its appeal is much bigger than Utah and there are some really talented birders, photographers, and even authors that post there.  Here is a cool recent post from Tim Avery, the lead blogger at Utah Birders, about Extreme Backyard Birding.

eBird had another great post about how you can use eBird migration data to help get an edge on identifying those confusing flycatchers.

Andrew Baksh, the Birding Dude, has recently been posting photos of beautiful warblers that just drive me insane with jealousy.  Check out this beautiful Prairie Warbler and this handsome Palm Warbler.

BirdGalAlcatraz always has cool bird photography posts and adventures.  In this post, she teamed up with other bird bloggers and they saw some great birds.

Scott Martin Photography continues to impress with stunning bird images.  His post about Florida's Viera Wetlands being the best place for bird photography was retweeted more than any other tweet of mine this week and deservedly so.

If you're not following Beverly's Photo for the Day, then you are missing out! Her photography is simply delightful.  I love this photo of a Carolina Wren framed in blue.

Julie at Nature's Splendor has just fantastic bird photos.  Check out her photos of Spring Visitors.  Julie, I don't think your once-a-week posts are enough to satisfy me.

Kathie's Birds recently had some of the best Pileated Woodpecker photos I've ever seen.  Awesome!

I really enjoy Chris Petrak's Tails of Birding.  He recently defended Blue Jays.  You gotta read it!

Rufous Hummingbird - these should be hitting my feeder any day too!