Friday, April 15, 2011

Robert's Birding Blog Favorites!

Mallards at my patch this week along the Jordan River in Salt Lake City.
There is some great bird blogging and photography going on out there and I just wanted to take a minute to share some of the posts from this last week that I felt were "tweet-able" - worthy of being shared!  ...and I actually did share them with a tweet on Twitter.  Not that my subjective opinion is worth anything to you or anybody, but in my effort to share my enthusiasm for birds, bird blogging and bird photography it is my solemn duty to share.  Some of these are well known blogs, and others are perhaps less well known, but I'm confident you will enjoy all of these posts and blogs:

I am really excited that two members of The Nemesis Bird are spending the summer in Idaho working for the Idaho Bird Observatory.  They get to work and go birding with some of my Idaho birding friends.  Their posts about birding in Idaho are amazing and they make me jealous.  I really enjoyed their posts about the birds at the Snake River Birds of Prey area and the birds at the Canyon County Dump.

Bill Schiess has become a personal birding friend and his Wild in Idaho blog has great content.  He recently posted about observing a Merganser battle from a blind - Hoodies vs. Red-breasted.  Action photos included!

Red and the Peanut has great bird photography and great bird art.  I really enjoyed one of this week's posts:  an action series of a heron downing a huge fish!

Rich Ditch's Photography Blog has great photos, and he provides great mentoring to aspiring bird photographers like me as he explains how and why he got the shot.

Scott Martin Photography was a recent jewel of a bird photography blog.  All the posts are worthy of your viewing time.

Show-Me Nature Photography generally has great bird and wildlife photos like this post about the returning Prothonotary Warblers.

Kootenay Nature Photos is mostly a photography blog and it never disappoints.

10,000 Birds is the big birding blog on the block.  My favorite contributors have to be Corey and Larry just based on the photos and enthusiasm for the birds.  All the contributors are really good.  Larry is the host of The Birder's Report which is one of the greatest birding blogs out there.

i used to hate birds is a blog I recently discovered and I've really enjoyed every post.

Nature's Wonders in Pixels is also fairly new discovery for me and I am really enjoying the great bird photography.

Steve Creek Outdoors always has wonderful photography of birds and wildlife.  You just can't go wrong following this blog.

eBird News should count as blog - check out the sweet animated migration maps.  Oh, and if you are out birding, you should submit your checklists to eBird!  I'll repeat my eBird challenge:  Average one checklist submission per day for the year!

Birdchick has long been the reigning queen of the bird blogging world and deservedly so.  She has great posts and cool new podcasts.

Mike McDowell, The Digiscoper always has great photos and interesting info on his blog.

I'm not big into mushy daily thoughts, but when you can combine them with wonderful photos of birds and nature like Kerri Far does at A Little Piece of Me, then I am all for it.

The Drinking Bird Blog - I generally always enjoy Nate's posts and recommend his blog to you.

Peregrine Web-cams:  Boise's Peregrines just laid the 4th egg and incubation seems to be starting.  Peregrine Fun Web Cam.  Salt Lake City has a live cam on a Peregrine nest, but I don't see eggs yet.

Last, but certainly not least, are two great friends I've made through birding blogs Kathiesbirds and Dawn's Bloggy Blog which always have great photos and interesting posts!

This Hermit Thrush was a new patch bird for me this week.  I'll be posting more about its strange antics soon.
There are a lot more birding blogs out there that I enjoy daily - please check out at my blog roll in the sidebar for the best-of-the-best.  These were the tweet-able blogs from this week!  I'm thinking about posting my birding blog favorites regularly...kind of my own little blog carnival.

As always, thanks for visiting Birding is Fun!

Happy Birding!

- Robert


  1. Thanks Robert..I am humbled to be on your favorite lists...
    All great blogs you have listed! I still haven't updated my blog roll ...waiting for a rainy day..:)

  2. What, no ABA blog? An oversight, I'm sure! ;)

  3. @Nate - I love the ABA Blog and check it often. There have been some great post recently too. I hope to tweet more ABA blog posts soon.