Thursday, April 28, 2011

Utah Birding Hotspot: Antelope Island

We recently had a Boy Scout camp out at Antelope Island.  I went out a little early before the troop to get photos.  Some of the photos from the causeway were featured in my last post.  These photos come from on the island itself.
The same Chukar from a different angle - overlooking the causeway looking back toward Syracuse, Utah.  That evening we hiked up to a peak above Bridge Bay Campground and scared up several more Chukar along the way.  We also spooked two Gray Partridge, which when inputting into eBird I discovered that these were the first reported Gray Partridge on the island and the southernmost Gray Partridge reported in Utah (at least according to eBird)
Brewer's Blackbird - male
Western Meadowlark in the grass - one meadowlark perched atop the boys tent and woke them up with its singing.
Western Meadowlark on the sign to Bridge Bay Campground
Utah Wasatch Mountain scene - Oh! and a handsome Loggerhead Shrike that wouldn't let me get any closer.
Burrowing Owl - hard to see on the left of the white rock, but there were two of them at this man-made burrow.


  1. What a great bunch of birds. Love the meadowlark, and that second shot with the road in the distance is very cool.

  2. I had a meadow lark in the trees behind my house as I was tilling a garden yesterday. I didn't know what it was until I saw your picture there.

  3. Beautiful Meadowlark shots. What a handsome bird!

  4. I'm sure I wouldn't mind waking up to a Meadowlark in full voice, given half the chance.

  5. Birding is Fun, one of my favorite places on earth! Love the chukkar! Love the western meadowlark! Would love to have one wake me up in the morning but what a surprise that would be here in the east! I like their song much better than the eastern meadowlark's. Oh, thank you for this view of that wonderful place. I feel like it is still an undiscovered and under-appreciated treasure!

  6. @Kah-Wai - thanks for the nice comment!

    @Tammy - I too like that Chukar shot with the causeway in the background. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment!

    @Big Morty - you better watch it. If you keep reading my blog, you might just turn into a birder. I have to admit that your influence is motivating some geocaching.

    @Hilke - I love Meadowlarks. I call them the American Idols 'cause they just sing and sing and sing.

    @Frank - How about you and I arrange to swap some birds across the pond? I'll give you most of your starlings and house sparrows back if you give me your goldfinches and hawfinches.

    @Kathiesbirds - interesting take on the meadowlark song - I've not heard an eastern sing, but people usually say they like eastern better than western. Must be your western bias! ;-)

  7. Ohhh... weeee...Wonderful pics you have today. Love the Chukar and the Meadowlark!

  8. @Cynthia - thanks for the nice comment!

    @dAwN - Thanks Dawn. I was surprised that the chukar allowed me to close. Those chukar around the Antelope Island visitors center are pretty docile. Those up the hills at Antelope Island are a lot more flighty.

  9. These are stunning images,fab collection.