Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Recent Happenings at My Patch

The Belted Kingfisher pair are near their burrow every time I visit now.  I got this long distance shot, the best I could do with my 150mm lens.  A couple days later I spent my entire lunch-hour within 15 feet of this favorite perch standing as motionless as possible with my finger on the shutter button.  The Kingfisher made a couple of approaches but would never land.  I'll try again soon, but I'll rig up a blind.  Anyway, while I was there waiting for the Belted Kingfisher, four Mallards were oblivious to my presence and were putting on a show for me.  

UPDATE:  Yesterday at my patch I heard the Belted Kingfisher rattle, but they were not near the burrow. The river water levels have risen and the burrow, while not underwater, is saturated.  I'm guessing the Kingfishers will have to go a little higher in this bank or they may have already moved on.  I'll keep watching!

I've been seeing more and more Downy Woodpeckers.  This male appeared to have two female companions around. 
I've not seen too many squirrels at my patch.  When I saw this guy hiding in a tree with a storm rolling in behind him, I just had to take the photo.


  1. Wow the belted kingfisher is a beauty!! I'd love to see one...

  2. Awwww,.....
    I never have seen a BK, awesome that you got him at all!
    And the Lunch hour wait, did you stand or crouch?
    Sometimes it helps me, when I crouch instead of stand. I had a Squacco Heron land a few feet away from me the other day, he was totally oblivious to me AND the dogs :)
    CoolMallard shots too & the squirrel is just cute :)!

  3. Squirrels are cute, but destructive. I had a whole briggade in my yard the other day. They ruin my feeders and spill all the seed :/

    I love the kingfisher. I have only ever seen 2 and they were too far away for a good shot

  4. Nice shot of a Belted Kingfisher! When I see one close-up I am always surprised how big they are. I often identify one by their rattling call.

  5. @Chris - The Kingfisher family of birds are pretty amazing. They are on the top of my list for seeing all the varieties throughout the world. I have seen both Belted and Green Kingfishers, but have a lot more to see.

    @Nicole - I generally like to sit when waiting for a bird, but it was a marshy area and the angle I needed required me to stand, which is not ideal. I'm still hoping for a day with nice light to rig up my blind.

    @Tammy - Those darn squirrels! I've only had one in my Utah yard so far. Cute little terrorists.

    @Hilke - I remember riding on a jet boat in Idaho's Hell's Canyon and having a Belted Kingfisher flying along side of us for a good stretch. You're right, they are quite big birds.

  6. Oh..hope the Kingfishers found a nice dry home....Some nice critters at your patch!

  7. Nice collection of birds in "your patch"! The Kingfisher captures are wonderfully good.

  8. I saw a Belted kingfisher in Maine this past weekend. So sorry their home has gotten soaked! I tried to get a photo fo the one I saw but I thinkit saw me and took off! Nice shots of the mallards! My little patch is geting pretty active also! Isn't it fun to see how things change!