Friday, March 12, 2010

Random Birding Report

I was asked to help a den of Cub Scouts achieve one of their electives by identifying 10 species of birds. These great little cubs are in a pack sponsored by my parent's church congregation in Meridian, Idaho. Last month they built nest boxes so their interest in birds was impressively amped up. 

Braving the cold wind, we took a short little walk along a drain ditch and a row of trees dividing two agricultural fields.  The majority of the birds were House Sparrows.  I was able to call in a Song Sparrow that emphatically sang back to us much to the delight of everyone.  I am happy to report that we saw exactly the 10 species they needed.  Eight year olds are just about the right age to really enjoy the adventures of birding.  I presented each boy with his own copy of the Avimor Bird Guide as well as a little baggy of Bird House & Habitat's Treasure Valley Blend of seeds. 

While driving by Shadow Valley Golf Course on my way to the Cub Scout bird walk, I observed a Red-tailed Hawk dismantling an older nest and carrying the twigs to enhance a nest a few trees away.  I just thought that was curious behavior.  Why not use the easiest supply of pre-cut materials?!

The Great Horned Owl eggs at Avimor, if they are on schedule, should hatch this weekend!  It may be a couple of weeks before they have enought fuzz and strength for momma to let them peer over the edge of the old Swainson's Hawk nest.  I see momma Owl sitting higher on her nest, so they may have already hatched as she's keeping the chicks warm.

Kaytee has been simulposting some of my blogs on their site.  It's kind of fun that they would even have any interest in my ramblings.  Look forward to future posts about using their seed products!

Over the last week I have witnessed the return of the female Red-winged Blackbirds.  Happy mating!

From my backyard...I always have several House Finches.  In the mix have always been a couple orange colored rather than red male finches.  Last night and this morning I have had a brilliant yellow morph House Finch.  Kind of cool looking really!

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