Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Review: Idaho for the curious - a guide

My Valentine's gift from Jessica this year was this book:  Idaho for the curious - a guide.  My family is into road trip adventures and this is the perfect companion for our journeys.  It's chuck-full of great history and black and white photographs of many of Idaho's worthwhile places to see.  The layout is pretty intriguing, and delightfully simple.  It is broken down by Idaho highways.  Cort Conley, the author, found a good place to start each highway.  He tells of the places to see, things to do, and fascinating historical tidbits about each location as you roll along the entire length of each highway.  These highways take you through urban areas and out into the middle of nowhere, but nowhere is always somewhere when you have this book!

I've never met a birder that didn't seem to appreciate history and other scenic things while along the birding trail, so I recommend it to birders as well as anyone who appreciates Idaho.  There is even a page showing diagrams of raptors in flight to help you identify these awesome birds on your visit to the Snake River Birds of Prey Area on Highway 69.

"Idaho for the curious" was written by Cort Conley and published by Backeddy Books and can be purchased here.

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  1. I will order one. It looks like a book I want in my outdoor library. Thanks.