Friday, January 11, 2013

BiF Reader Survey Results

Thank you to the 81 readers that responded to our survey. Your answers will help shape how we approach our posts and assist us in the future development of the site. I found the responses immensely interesting!

How BiF Readers get to this site...
I had no idea that such a large percentage of readers view this blog by way of RSS feed. I suppose you miss out on the pretty format of the blog, but I totally understand the convenience of subscribing to the feed. I thought that the social media would provide more readers daily...and maybe that is how you found out about us in the first place. However you found your way here, Welcome! We love you!
On which device(s) do you read posts from
It will be interesting to watch this statistic over time. I predict that tablet use will continue to grow. Blogger does a pretty good job with their mobile version and I myself read this blog on my iPhone regularly. Interesting stuff here!
How often do you read posts at
Bless you Readers! Awesome. We're delighted to have your loyal readership!
Out of curiosity, we asked about your interest in listening to podcasts...
As an avid podcast listener myself I was really surprised that two-thirds of you never listen to birding related podcasts. Interesting. Very interesting.
Trying to gauge who the is, we asked you to describe yourself according to a few categories. Here's the make-up of readership...
These stats didn't really surprise me given our interactions over the last several years. Many folks selected multiple categories. In my broader definition of birder, I think all of the other descriptions apply. However you describe yourself, we're glad to list you among our friends!

Finally, my favorite part...

Fantastic comments about why folks keep coming back to
  • I really enjoy the posts from different parts of the country and the photos that come along with them. Also, the reason I bird is because Birding is Fun! 
  • The photos, The great content that the authors submit 
  • I enjoy the posts from various birders.
  • I like the diversity of authors and topics. Also, as someone new to birding, it's a great resource to get inspiration and information. 
  • Beautiful pics of birds 
  • Love the photos! 
  • All of it . I love the stories and the PHOTOS. I would check it every hour if you posted more every hour. I like that the people that post are from all over not just here in Idaho. Most of the stories make you want to go there and check it out.
  • The great posts, photos, and content.
  • I only just came across a few days ago. So far so good, I love it! Thank you for existing :) 
  • If I had to pick one thing, it would be the huge variety of post topics. Never know what is going to be covered, so have to check every day! 
  • Stories about a birding trip or chance observation. 
  • I like to use the photos to challenge myself to learn how to identify birds...birding at work... 
  • All the different people blogging from around the U.S 
  • Great variety in the experiences of birders and also great photography. 
  • Favorite part is that there is a new post EVERY day! I have just recently discovered you. 
  • The wide variety, great pictures and great stories. It isn't all technical (I don't mind that, but I am interested in many things, not just molt patterns) or rare birds. I recommended it to a friend who wants to go beyond the feeder birds but is overwhelmed by her field guide (and all my stories of rare birds) 
  • I return to continue learning.
  • I enjoy the fact that there is a new post daily. Also, the posts are written by knowledgeable birders, with interesting photographs and charming anecdotes. 
  • I receive your daily posts but do not often visit your website. I enjoy the articles and photos of your contributors many of them do not sign their articles or photos. Their full articles on your website might have their names but many of the daily email posts are missing that information. Can you fix this? 
  • I love the see the photos and hear from different people. I also love learning more about birds and their habitats 
  • Awesome site! I love the variety of posts. Would like more posts on ID tips. 
  • Interesting subjects, great photographs 
  • Diversity in posts; "normal" feeder birds are annoying, so the coverage of diversity throughout the US is quite refreshing!
  • Photography! 
  • The photos, wide variety of topics and contributors, and the frequent new additions are what bring me back several times a week. I especially enjoy the posts from Idaho and the Northwest, but contributions from all over the country are also interesting. I can't think of a thing you could do to improve this site. It's great! 
  • It is very interesting. 
  • Nice selection of posts. But as I advised you previously, I no longer get a page filled with choices. Just a page with maybe 5 or six selections from the past week. 
  • You have some big name contributors like the Stokes and Kaufman's. There are also great photos with each post.
  • I like learning about different bird species, seeing what others are seeing around the country. I come to check in once a week or every other week, to see what new pictures might've been posted.

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  1. Wow. As a contributor and a reader, this was very interesting to read! BTW, I never listen to or watch podcasts either!