Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gone Fishing!

Oh yes, I'm a Raptor, but don't you know,
 that eating fish is the only way I go. 

Unsuspecting are the fish I spy,
As I spot them from the sky.
Then its down to take a plunge, 
Talons ready as I lunge.

I am equipped with a special toe,
so there's less chance the fish will go.
It's opposable to help me grip,
Those slippery fish that like to flip.

Through the air, it's fish head in the front,
For that lessens the wind's brunt.

Finally, it is time eat,
I have no care to be neat.

As for me, the heron, patience is the name,
A long motionless wait is my game.
I plan to stand oh so still,
As I wait to stab you with my bill.

As a graceful Snowy, I prefer to dance,
Across the water I will prance.
As I drag my yellow feet,
I'm sure to find some fish to eat.

Not every bird thinks fresh is best,
As a Vulture, I differ from the rest.

I don't like to gloat,
but check out this beauty I found afloat.

If you see me cleaning its head,
One things for sure, this fish is dead!

Tammy Karr


  1. Delightful poem! The 1st and 3rd pics of the osprey are wonderful. I especially like the osprey staring at the camera with its headless catch in the 3rd. Very cool. And, that GBH scored a huge sushi meal. Awesome captures not only by the birds but you too.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments! The Osprey had quite the expression as he flew by!

  2. Great photos, and a funny and educational poem! Love the Osprey shots. Vultures, as "nature's garbage collectors" are often underappreciated.

    1. Thank you very much! Vultures are definitely very helpful birds! I find them intriguing to watch as well!

  3. I would hate to be a fish lol.

  4. Great post Tammy! Loved the poem and photography. Great theme of fish-eating birds too. Really great.

    1. Thank you Robert! I appreciate your comments!!

  5. Great series of photos Tammy, there are spectacular images.
    Greetings Irma

  6. How fun, Tammy! Love the poem and the wonderful photos accompanying it.

  7. I loved the poem, keep writing! Lovely photos too

  8. Love it. To cute love the osprey photos

  9. Ha! Delightful Tammy, and really great images.
    You've got me hankering' for fish

  10. A very fun read with story-telling pictures.

  11. So creative! And the shots are perfect as usual. Very entertaining.

  12. A most wonderful post, Tammy! Your poem put a big smile on my face and I am in awe of your impressive photographs. This is a great educational post for children and adults as well. Thoroughly enjoyable and so much fun!

  13. Brilliant stuff, Tammy! A very well-written poem with with great images to accompany it.

  14. Wow! Another poet! Who knew! What a fun read and great photos to go with it! Love it!

  15. Marvelous, Tammy! You should make this into a book!