Monday, January 7, 2013

In Love With Birds

Harris Hawk roosting in a mesquite tree at Sweetwater Wetlands
 I walk through this world
Beneath so many trees
Unaware of the birds
Up in the leaves.
Great Blue Heron at Lakeside Park 12-21-12
 Up in the foliage
over my head
While I walk below
They are in bed

Napping adult Black-crowned Night Heron 12-21-2012
 Some tuck their beaks
Under their wings
Some watch me warily
And some just sing!

Vermilion Flycatcher at Lakeside Park 12-21-2012
 Until I discovered
the places they hide,
and the beauty above me
When I am outside!

Juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron 12-21-2012
So now when I walk
I look up above
Searching for birds
‘cause I am In Love
With Birds!

~Kathie Adams Brown (January 5, 2013) 

American Kestrel at Lakeside Park 12-21-12
Cassin's Vireo at Sweetwater Wetlands 11-30-2012
While you might have expected all forest birds from the poem above it is interesting to note that even in the desert the birds use the trees! These photos were taken at two of the premiere birding locations in Tucson, AZ when I was out birding with a friend. We all know that birds need trees, but I am always amazed when I find the herons in them! If you have ever come to Tucson I highly recommend Sweetwater Wetlands and Lakeside Park. You can usually see a wide variety of birds species at these locations in a short amount of time, though you can easily spend hours at Sweetwater! (P.S. I couldn't resist adding this Magnolia Warbler photo from Central Park below!)

Magnolia Warbler in Central Park 5-18-2012

I am currently in the middle of a Big January Bird Count with a friend. You can read more about it and see many more pictures on my blog, Kathie's Birds.


  1. A most delightful post, Kathie! Your wonderful poem put a big smile on my face. Terrific photographs of some very beautiful birds! The Vermillion Flycatcher, American Kestrel and Magnolia Warbler are especially stunning. Wishing you big numbers on your January Bird Count!

    1. Thanks Julie! I have still been so busy with family but the last child leaves tomorrow night and then I hope to get caught up with posting and friends! I am having a great time however and have been able to squeeze in some great birding!

  2. Nice Vireo!!! This is sometimes one tricky bird:)

  3. Awesome birds Kathie! Your poetry and photography blend so seamlessly that they seem to make one visual poem. Well done!

  4. Cute poem, Kathie! I enjoyed this post and your photos!

  5. Lovely images, Kathie, and your poem evokes the magic and thrill of discovering birds.