Saturday, August 31, 2013

Swarovski Bird Blogger Summit 2013 - RI & MA

Swarovski Optik invited a handful of bird bloggers to visit their North America office in Rhode Island recently. It was really cool to tour their facility and see the extreme level of customer service they provide. Thanks to Clay Taylor and Dean Capuano for being such gracious hosts. Fellow bird blogging guests included our very own J. Drew Lanham, Sharon & Bill Stiteler, Paul Riss, Drew Weber and Nina Cheney. A group of bird bloggers is a dangerous combination, but we sure had a great time just talking about birding and trends in birding. Future posts will have more about the birding we did on this trip.
Dean Capuana leading a tour of the Swarovski Optik facility. Non-Birding Bill obviously bored about any talk related to birding is making sure the second hand is moving on the clock.
One of the most impressive things I learned about Swarovski Optik is the incredible lengths they go to to keep our optics pristine and functioning. If you send your binocular or scope in to them for service or even a tune-up, they literally strip it down and inspect, adjust, and replace if needed about every part. They run the optics through a battery of test to insure perfect performance.
Above the staff's workspace is a vent helping maintain the dust-free environment for assembling and repairing high performance optics.
When you buy Swarovski products, you are not just buying premium optics, but a lifetime of premium service. We saw a lot of really old and well-used optics still being maintained for happy Swarovski customers.
I'm not sure how long Swarovski had yellow binoculars, but Non-birding Bill certainly wants a pair.

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