Friday, January 1, 2010

Idaho Birder Profiles

Idaho has great birds and great birders!  This is the index for a weekly blog segment featuring enthusiastic Idaho Birders from across the state.

Bouffard, Steve
Carlisle, Jay
Clark, Darren
Cooper, Brian
Dumroese, Kas
Gray, Terry
Henderson, Danette
Holcomb, Jim
Huizinga, Cheryl
Manwaring, Russ
McCabe, Tom
Munts, Mike
Rusnak, Rich (coming 15 Feb 2010)
Stoke, Jonathan
Sturges, Brian (coming 22 Feb 2010)
Sturts, Shirley
Ulrey, Lew
Ware, Heidi
Weisse, Cliff
Williams, Peggy
Wright-Pulliam, Poo

I hope you enjoy these profiles as much as I do.  I've learned a lot about some great people.  I've also picked up some fantastic new birding locations to check out in Idaho.  My enthusiasm for birding gets renewed every week by reading them.

Please click on "Ask the Avimor Bird Guy" to send me recommendations for Idaho birders you'd like to see featured.

Happy Birding!

- Robert Mortensen

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