Monday, January 11, 2010

Rusty Blackbird Update and another Avimor First!

Lynn Davenport came out to take a look at the mystery blackbird.  He's confident its a Rusty too.  I'll let him post his details to IBLE.  Shon and I tried to get better photos, but to no avail.  Plus both cameras batteries died on us just when the bird popped into plain view.  We had longer and better looks at it than before and after so much study of them in the last few days I feel really good about it being a Rusty.  My dad is coming out tomorrow with a better camera and telephoto lens and RL Rowland may be able to come and confirm the ID too.  Here's another shot, but with digitial zoom you really lose image clarity.  You can see a some rusty on the wings and the light supercillium, but that rust just not translate well through the camera lens.

We also discovered another Avimor first while looking at the Rusty Blackbrid...a Virginia Rail!  I have often thought it was the right habitat, but had never heard them.  Spotted Towhee's were running around in front of us in plain sight.  Lynn had also seen a Gray Partridge there this morning. Lots of birds in that Chinese Well Riparian Area.  We also have two Great Horned Owls right in the trees at the entrance to Avimor.  Here is one of them:

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