Saturday, January 23, 2010

Updated Avimor Bird Guide & Hotspot Map

I have updated the Avimor Bird Guide to include several more bird species that have been seen here and two new features.  First, the months, according to eBird, that one would most likely be able to see the particular species here.  Second, a map on page 3 of the best places to go birding at Avimor.

1.  Spring Valley Creek Greenbelt - a paved or improved trail from the Avimor Water Reclamation building to Foothills Heritage Park.

2.  Foothills Heritage Park - this grassy park is surrounded on all sides by riparian areas, cottonwoods, and willows.  We have planted hundreds of native plants, so watch this are get birdier over the years.  This is also a great place to view butterflies during their season.  There are concrete walks and sandy trails around this park.

3.  Spring Valley Creek Trail - this is a single-track dirt trail enjoyed by hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders.  After three miles, you connect to the historic Cartwright Rd.  The terrain is not terribly difficult, but there is some up and down and rocky areas.  Near the beginning of the trail is a large grove of trees that are very birdy.  Down the trail is some steep rocky areas where Chukar, Canyon Wren and Rock Wren have been seen.

4.  Chinese Well Riparian Area - marshy wetland with a stream and some large trees and willows.  As you go up the slope westward the habitat gets more rocky and birds take advantage of the hackberry trees for food and nesting.  Gray Partridge have been seen here several times.

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