Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Review: B is for Bufflehead

I won an autographed copy of B is for Bufflehead by photographer Steve Hutchcraft from Larry Jordan's "The Birder's Report" blog when he had a super fun Bird Butt Shot photo contest.

I'm delighted to receive this book as I have four kids between the ages of eight and two years old, with my two youngest girls currently learning the letters and their associated sounds.  We've already read it together a dozen times.  My kids love the funny sounding names of the birds.  They especially like to giggle at the Blue-footed Boobies, both their name and their picture. I too enjoy reading them this book as I learn interesting things about each of the species it mentions.

Each letter of the alphabet is featured in both its upper and lowercase forms which is great for kids to see the difference.  The photos are attractive and really seem to engage my kids.  You can tell this book was compiled by a good daddy who knows the interests and attention spans of children.

My eight year old son particularly liked the "Who's who Challenge" (pictures of baby birds featured earlier in the book as adults) near the end of the book.  He surprised me in doing very well recognizing almost all the birds that we see locally here in Idaho.  (Maybe he's a closet birder.)

The end of the book has additional interesting info for older children and adults to enjoy.  I particular like the "Fun Feathered Facts".  As an occasional bird walk leader, I always like to throw out interesting tidbits about the birds we are seeing to the group to keep them intrigued.

This is the perfect gift for anybody with young children or grandchildren.  The colorful photos will delight kids, help them learn their letters, and hopefully inspire them to be birders one day. It comes with a hardback cover with pretty sturdy pages for little kid fingers.  It is list priced at $19.95 and I see online pricing as low as $14.

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