Friday, April 30, 2010

Idaho Birding Hotspot: Silver Creek Preserve

I have read quite a bit about Silver Creek Preserve and knew it would be a great place to go birding in Idaho.  I follow Matt Miller's blog Idaho Nature Notes of The Nature Conservancy.  I know of anglers that love this place.  After seeing the Hooded Crane near Carey Lake WMA, we stopped by Silver Creek Preserve.  It really is a spectacular place with a great variety of habitat which host a great variety of birds.  The birding was great yesterday and can only image how good it will be in May and June.  Because of Silver Creek's location it has a bit of a later start on Spring as compared to the Boise area, so it had not really greened-up there yet, but I came away very impressed.  Here are some photos:

Visitor's Center and trailhead

Sandhill Cranes

View from the trail overlooking wetlands

Willet - bobbing for food

Yellow Warbler


  1. That Willet pic would make for a great ID quiz photo :)

  2. Beautiful photos. It sounds like you had a nice trip. Having also been there last week, I'd say that things are a bit behind usual due to a cold, wet spring. The birds should really be showing up soon.

    I'm glad you were able to visit Silver Creek, and thanks for following Idaho Nature Notes.

  3. Robert, I would LOVE to visit this place! Amazing shots. I saw a yellow warbler in the backyard of my friend's house in Maricopa yesterday and one at the San Pedro river a couple of weeks ago. I guess they are everywhere now!