Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Virginia Rail at Carey Lake WMA, Idaho

While checking out the Hooded Crane at Carey Lake Wildlife Management Area, I also had the chance to photo a very cooperative Virginia Rail.  I laid down on my stomach to get on its level and took tons of pictures.  Here are a couple of them that I thought turned out pretty good.  None of these are cropped or color enhanced.  These are just the raw photos straight from the camera.

Because the rail came up so close I was able to fill the frame...too much so in some cases.  I read recently that one should keep the eye in focus and the rest of the photo will take care of itself.  Well, you can see that I was working really hard to keep that eye the center of my focus, but because of that I ended up cutting off part of the bird with my shot.  Still, I am very happy with the detail in the photographs of this Virginia Rail.  They make for a good plumage and coloration study of this fun little bird.

I also think its kind of cool to see the new cattail shoots coming up in this first picture.


  1. I try to follow the same idea of keeping the eye in focus but it doesn't always work out. i think it worked for you with those top drawer photos.

  2. Wow, awesome shot of the Virginia Rail.

  3. What great shots! You are learning fast. Wonderful soft colors on the bird. I am guilty of color enhancing sometime because that is what most people expect nowadays. Your un-enhanced photo looks so natural. (duh!) Lucky you to get so close to such an elusive and secretive bird!

  4. Beautiful bird and great shots!!