Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Osprey Cam at Deer Flat NWR

There is now a live webcam on the Osprey nest platform at Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge with Lake Lowell in the background.  Click on the image to watch. The image is a bit too distant and grainy, but still very cool!

You can watch downtown Boise's peregrine falcon nest box cam too!  Click on the image to there.

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  1. Last night, while Kyle was at Cub Scouts, Jessica and I took the girls for a walk along the Boise River near the Eagle River District area. We watched an Osprey on the platform and another was eating a fish. After eating on the fish for a few minutes, it flew to the platform, gave the fish to the other Osprey, and that Osprey took the fish to the eating-tree. Very cool to see, especially for my little girls.