Tuesday, April 6, 2010


If you're squeamish and you have a hard time with birds that eat other birds, you might want to click here to play the Elton John song, The Circle of Life to help soften the blow of what is to follow.

The Sharp-shinned Hawk that stalks our backyard feeders usually catches his prey out of sight, but yesterday morning amid the rain and snow showers, it caught a Mourning Dove right in our backyard next to the birdbath.  Feathers and guts were left everywhere.  At one point the Sharpie had torn a hole into the chest cavity with its right talon.  From there it began to pluck the breast meat and internal organs.

My five-year-old Victoria said, "It is so sad that a bird is dead".  I had the privilege to explain to her the Circle of Life.

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