Sunday, April 11, 2010

Idaho eBird Stats

Idaho birders are becoming eBirders!  So far this year, 82 individuals have submitted to eBird.  Thank you all who have contributed your bird sightings to eBird.  Your checklists help scientists better understand bird distribution and migration patterns, it helps them know where bird critical habitat is, and it helps other birders enjoy what you see.

Check out last month's improvement over previous years.  Amazing!

This chart shows the historical eBird use for Idaho birders.  The more we use eBird, the more data, and the more valuable of a tool it becomes.

Regular users of eBird and those who go to the effort to submit Rare Bird Reports may have felt inappropriately judged by the "birding elite" reviewers.  I know I did when I first started submitting data! least until I understood the process better.  Nate, at The Drinking Bird blog, recently posted some important information from the reviewer's perspective that will help you not get your feelings hurt.  Please take the time to read it.

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