Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Big Birding Blog List

I'm a huge fan of birding and bird blogging.  The list of blogs that I follow each day continues to grow, much to the chagrin of my sleeping hours.  I love promoting other great birding blogs too, whether it be by including them in my blogroll, retweeting them, or sharing them on Google+.  When I read a blog, I like to visit the website itself to enjoy the full feel of it, rather than using the super efficient reader services like Google Reader or email subscriptions.  There's nothing wrong with reader services, they're just not for me.  When browsing the blogs I follow, I also prefer to do so in the order of most recently updated.  So I'm introducing a small but significant change here at Birding Is Fun!

My blossoming blogroll has been promoted from the sidebar to having its own full page at Birding is Fun!  Look for it in my page list above the header as shown below:

I invite other bird blog aficionados to frequent this page like I do to get your bird bloggin' fix each day.  I also want to invite birding and nature bloggers everywhere to email me your websites so that I can evaluate them... and in my completely subjective way judge their worthiness to be included on the highly coveted and most prestigious Big Birding Blog List.

Happy Birding!

- Robert


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