Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bird Photo ID Contest revisited!

The day I left for the Midwest Birding Symposium I had posted this bird photo contest.  I've only had one brave soul attempt it, and he got six of them correct.  I attribute the lack of enthusiastic participation to the post being buried in the deluge of posts about the Midwest Birding Symposium.  So I'm going to re-post it, but this time with a few more hints (just in case the lack of participation was due to the difficulty and time it might require to complete.)  The first person to identify all the species correctly can have their choice of either The Atlas of Birds or The Birds of New Jersey.  Enjoy!

You can click on the photos to enlarge them for more detail.  Reviewing past blog posts may also give you clues to some of the birds.  Each photo should have enough clues for you to make a positive identification.

I have disabled comments on this particular post so that you can't "cheat" off other people's guesses.  Please number and email me your best educated guesses!

Blurred in Flight
1.  Hint: Photographed in Farmington, Utah.  The background is the roof of an LDS Church building.  Photo taken when I saw the vagrant Dickcissel.
2.  Hint:  Photographed in Mill Creek Canyon, Salt Lake City, Utah - Two of these birds are featured in this photo i.d. contest.
3.  Hint: This should be easy as its not too blurry.  Photographed at Maple Dell Scout Camp
Butt Shots
4.  Hint:  Photographed at my lunch-hour patch
5.  Hint:  Photographed in my backyard
6.  Hint:  Photographed at my lunch-hour patch very recently
7.  Hint: Photographed at my lunch-hour patch - the tell-tale is in the tail.
8.  Hint:  Its a hummingbird. Duh! Photographed at Maple Dell Scout Camp.
Chest Shots
9.  Hint:  Photo taken in Mill Creek Canyon, Utah in a Scrub-Oak tree.  Two of these birds are featured in this photo i.d. contest.  Both photos were taken of the same bird actually within minutes of each other.
10.  Hint:  Photo taken at my lunch-hour patch.  I'm gonna leave this one as a challenge for ya.
Bonus:  The Shadow Knows
11.  Hint:  The shadow reveals a lot about this bird, but if that doesn't help ya, other clues are in the photo, especially if you are a regular reader of this here blog.
Email me you best guesses for a chance to win your choice of either The Atlas of Birds or The Birds of New Jersey.