Sunday, September 25, 2011

Recent Happenings at Birding is Fun!

I was reading the most recent issue of Bird Watcher's Digest and saw the Princeton University Press advertisement (I do enjoy reading all the ads in all my birding magazines...strange I know 'cause I never read ads anywhere else).  I was surprised to see my own name on the page.  Turns out they extracted a quote from my review of Avian Architecture.  Kinda cool to see your name in print unexpectedly.
BirdWatching, the magazine, has a blog called Field of View.  Every Friday they post thematic photos submitted online by readers.  The recently featured silhouetted birds and while I was scanning them, I saw one photo that looked a lot like one photo I had taken.  Turns out it was one of my photos! ...a Gray Catbird I had photographed singing early one morning in Garden Valley, Idaho.

Thanks to Bill Thompson III's visit to the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival last May and his personal endorsement of my blogging efforts, and a second endorsement from Bill Fenimore, I am now participating with the extremely dedicated and wonderful planning committee for the 2012 Great Salt Lake Bird Festival.  I'm honored that they'd be interested in my ideas and I hope to be a good contributor.  You can count on me posting about the activities I may have a part in!  Time for all you birders outside of Utah to start planning for your trip to Salt Lake in mid-May!!!  Think of the life birds you could add!

On the main page of also quotes a line from my review of The Crossley ID Guide.

If you didn't know me any better, you might think my opinion was worth a grain of salt.  I think its pretty dang cool that even though I'm not an expert birder - just a guy with a lot of passion and enthusiasm for birds, birding and bird blogging - that others within our small eccentric world might care what I have to say about stuff.

There are some other adventures in the works, especially a big one related to this blog, so stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations! The mentions are well deserved!

  2. I'm not surprised at your name popping up everywhere. Your blog is a shining star among birding sites!

  3. hihi, you disabled the comments to the post below, son´t know teh species but it gave me a good smile. That is how most of my birdshots looks.