Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some random photos from my recent birding

Black-capped Chickadee - photographed from my make-shift backyard bird blind.
Lesser Goldfinch lookin' pretty in the evening light
Downy Woodpecker - male - doing what woodpeckers do best
Seeing my life Pine Grosbeak during our recent family campout - my Annie by my side and Kyle in the background - Photo by my lovely bride, Jessica.
Swainson's Hawk framed by power lines.  This particular Swainson's Hawk has spent the summer with me...always somewhere near my patch.  Occasionally a dark morph will be around too.


  1. Terrific photos of beautiful birds ... and children! Very nice!

  2. A great collection of birds. Very nice to have the family involved in birding.

  3. ...cute little Downy shot! Looks like he's been busy!

  4. Great photos! The birds look so close. I especially like that hawk!

  5. Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

  6. I love that last shot. So nice to frame the hawk like that. :)