Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Conservation Incentive for Land Developers and Home Builders

My entire life has been financed by the creation of places for people to live. As a birder, I am conservation-minded, so imagine the internal conflict I face. I deal with it my using my influence to keep habitat preservation in the forefront of our decision making. I have long believed that a community developed with the preservation of beautiful natural habitat benefits the quality of life and therefore increases property values. Now I have some support for my theory.

A study that shows that homes in neighborhoods with protected open space sell for 20% to 29% more than neighborhoods without open space.

Here's a video from the Wall Street Journal. Unfortunately the news anchor lady didn't get it right and all the images they show weren't what the reporter was really talking about...but the study is very important for conservation-minded people to use when working with land developers.

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  1. Robert, I so agree with you! When we lived in sycamore Canyon it was developed with the same idea in mind. Only a small portion of the land has been developed, leaving 1100 acres as natural open space. One of the things I loved about living there was being able to walk out my front door and be in the desert and on the trails in 30 seconds or less! This brought all kinds of wildlife to my backyard and allowed me to have a backyard bird list of 93 species!