Friday, May 24, 2013

Willets Nesting

Last spring I was very fortunate to find a Willet's Nest.  As a new spring emerges and a holiday weekend approaches, I plan on returning to the same nesting area.  Last year, as I arrived at the location I would be scouting, it seemed that there were signs all around me (I know, bad pun! ;-))

I approached a location where I had seen Willets for several years.  The location in my opinion was perfect.  Salt flats, sea grass and rocks along the road to shelter the nests.  The only skepticism I had was the knowledge that this location floods a lot and the chances of chicks surviving here are slim given the recent flooding.  But I have seen Willets here for several years now during June and July so as I said at the start, I had a hunch.

As I approached the area I planned to observe, I found several Willets calling.  I parked the car across the road, rolled down the window and waited with my camera on a bean bag pointing out the window.  After about an hour, I saw my first chick.  Just as quickly as it had jumped up on the rocks, it jumped back down before I could make a click.  Unfortunately I didn't see another one!  But I was thrilled to see my first Willet chick even though I didn't get to photograph it.

Images captured with Nikon D3x w/600mm f/4 and TC14-EIII on Lexar digital film.


  1. ...I've never seen a Willet chick! I bet they are as cute as can be. Love your photos...glad you were able to stake out the sight!

  2. Thanks Kelly. The chick was very cute. Appreciate the comments. Unfortunately seems like hurricane Sandy might have destroyed this nesting sight. First time in 4 years I have not seen any Willets :-(.

  3. Lovely photographs of the Willets! It's nice to view them in breeding plumage, as I have only seen them during the winter months. I'm sorry to hear that the hurricane most likely destroyed this nesting site.