Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Wonder of Wings

Whatever the direction may be,
With wings, birds are free.

Free to fly to where they choose,
Through the skies they roam and cruise.

Some wings must withstand a daily crash,
while others just a little splash.

One way or another, wings must dry.
Some can dry them on the fly.

Others prefer to just sit and wait,
As they have no worry of being late.

Despite their wings, some birds never roam,
From the small square of which they call home.

Even if their habitat is taken away,
It is there the birds will stay.

Hence, the plight of the Florida Scrub-Jay,
In danger of disappearing away.

In contrast to those jays,
Exist birds whose mileage will amaze.

Like the journey of the Red Knot,
 20,000 miles, that's a lot .

Wings help important work get done,
They even help birds have some fun!

Tammy Karr


  1. Fantastic photos and I love to see these close-ups of the various birds. They really give them personality!

  2. Glorious post, Tammy! Fantastic theme, words and photographs!