Thursday, May 23, 2013

More recent images from my patch

Gotta love them Bullock's Orioles!

Virginia Rails aren't regulars at my patch, though I have seen them a couple times previously. Always a shock to hear them. This little guy ended up being a life bird for a couple of my Idaho birding friends. Gotta love that!

Yellow-breasted Chats are abundant at my patch.

Providing constant Spring, Summer, and Fall background music in the foothills, we have loads of Western Meadowlarks!

 Sweet looking Spotted Sandpiper on the edge of Avimor Town Lake.

We also have an abundance of Black-headed Grosbeaks frolicing in the riparian areas.

One of several Great Horned Owlets growing in flight feathers and losing the downy white fluff.

Several House Wrens inhabit the area and make themselves conspicuous with their wren rattling.

First of Year Western Tanager! Yeah baby!!!

Though not as stunning as the male, this female Lazuli Bunting is still beautiful!

Cedar Waxwings adorning a stick.

Western Kingbirds are also known to nest in this area. Such awesome birds!


  1. :) your post made me smile; I could sense the euphoria -- what wonderful birds, and all that yellow - and a dash of red in there too. Wonderful photos Robert. I couldn't pick a favourite, there was so many beauties here

  2. So many birds that would be very rare here in New England! Beautiful shots, Robert!

  3. It's always fun for me to view photographs of birds I have never seen before, like many featured in this wonderful post. I would most certainly like to visit this birding patch. Fantastic photographs of stunning birds!