Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Breakfast Menu

I absolutely love to photograph birds! I am especially delighted when I happen to capture images of birds that have been successful in their food foraging. Let's see what is on the breakfast menu for today.

A fillet of flounder suits this Great Blue Heron

A tasty finned treat for this striking Horned Grebe

I think the eyes of this Green Heron are definitely bigger than its stomach

A deep dive produced this crunchy crustacean for a male Hooded Merganser

One lucky House Wren nestling will snack on this leggy crane fly

Fluffy seeds appeal to this beautiful Yellow Warbler

A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker takes a break from sap sipping (If you look closely, you can see the beak is slick with tree sap)

Ripe, red berries are the food of choice for this handsome Cedar Waxwing

An American Coot fancies a bit of algae

Two Ruby-throated Hummingbirds on a liquid sugar diet

An Eastern Phoebe with a whopper of a moth


A Willet happens across a delectable crab leg

A Ruddy Turnstone extracts the tender clam from a coquina shell

A very berry Northern Cardinal


  1. You've captured each just beautifully, Julie. I'm in awe of your skill with a camera lens!

  2. Excelentes capturas de estas especies con su presa.Saludos

  3. Wonderful post, Julie! You have great skill in capturing these special moments!

  4. So many great shots! I think the hummers are my favorite.

  5. Great photos Julie. They've sated me this morning as well : )

  6. unas fotos fantasticas sobre todo la primera un saludo

  7. These stunning images are delightful, Julie! It is always fun to capture birds in action! I've never seen a Green Heron with such a large meal!

  8. Absolutely stunning photographs, Julie!

  9. Every birdy looks satisfied! Wonderful post, really enjoyed scrolling through these fine catches .. yours and theirs. Your love for birds really shines through your photos!

  10. Julie, what an awesome collection of birds and captures.

  11. Julie, these pic are awesome. What a fun way to present the birds! I love the phoebe with the moth and then the next photo that says, "Crunch!"