Thursday, May 27, 2010

210 in 2010: eBird Idaho - Week 21

For those of you checking into the Idaho Birding Blog for the first time, I am hosting a little competition to see who can be the first eBirder in Idaho to see "two-ten in twenty-ten", that is 210 species of birds this year!  That goal has already been reached, so now we are focusing on the second part of the competition is to see who can submit the most checklists to eBird by the 210th day of the year (July 29th).  Here are the rules of the game.

The eBird team and KAYTEE have been very supportive of this effort to encourage birders to be eBirders and are donating $210 worth of cash or prizes to the winners!

Here is the current leader board...

Hyperlinked names are those that have been featured in my weekly blog segment called Idaho Birder Profiles where we spotlight one of Idaho's enthusiastic birders!

Checklist Leaders:
2.  Cheryl Huizinga 233
3.  Lew Ulrey 227
4.  Charles Swift 211
5.  J Harry Krueger 144
6.  Terry Gray 142
8.  Lynn Davenport 131
9.  Jonathan Stoke 121
10.  Rohn McKee 117  

*  In an effort to set forth a good example, I am currently at 485 checklists.

Species Leaders:
1.  J Harry Krueger 225 Winner!  Number 210 was a Yellow-breasted Chat on May 7th.
1.  Darren Clark 225 - 3rd to reach 210!
3.  Steve Butterworth 220 - 2nd to reach 210!
4.  Heidi Ware 212 - 4th to reach 210!
5.  Jay Carlisle 211 - 5th to reach 210!
6.  Cheryl Huizinga 207
7.  Zeke Watkins 196
8.  Cliff Weisse 192
9.  Terry Gray 182
10.  Robert Mortensen 180

Special thanks to our sponsors:

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