Saturday, May 8, 2010

Random Bird Photos

These are some bird photos that I wanted to share rather than let them sit and collect virtual dust in my computer files.

Red-winged Blackbird in Flight at Avimor (this photo was not cropped or enhanced)

Female Red-winged Blackbirds in the backyard

Osprey in Flight at Merrill Park in Eagle, ID

California Quail scratching for birdseed in the Yard

Mourning Dove at Evening at Merrill Park in Eagle, ID

Marsh Wren in the bulrushes at Silver Creek Preserve, ID

Lewis's Landing and then Lewis's Woodpecker in evening sun.  A very different woodpecker.

And finally, a cute little cottontail bunny rabbit I found near the Long-eared Owl nest site.  I love the rusty colored fur.


  1. Wonderful series of bird photos! the quail is cool looking. Lov ethe bunny too!

  2. Some very fine photographs here, a lovely variety of feathered friends and one cute little bunny. A great way to start the weekend.

  3. Since you seem to find California quail on a regular basis perhaps you should invite Nancy Miller over to see one!