Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chipping Sparrow

I remember my first time seeing Chipping Sparrows was in March of 2006 when my father-in-law Lynn Davenport and I were sitting at Marion Paton's backyard in Patagonia Arizona.  They were feeding on the ground on the seed that had been scattered.  (I recently read that Marion passed away in 2009 for which I am sorry to hear.  I hope that the caretakers of her home will continue to feed the wild birds.)

Pine forests in Idaho and eastern Oregon have been good places to see them.  I have seen and heard them trilling from the tops of sagebrush in my own neighborhood and on the Mayfield loop just outside of Boise. Listen to them here.  Recently I had a large flock moving through the tree-lined Avimor Drive and took a few photos.


  1. I think Chipping Sparrows are one of the most attractive NA sparrows. Their cheeky character reminds me of Tree Sparrow. Thanks for reminding me of how attractive they are with your photos.

  2. I've just returned from SE Arizona and can report that the Paton's yard is still open to the public and the birds are being well cared for.

  3. très belles séries de photos. merci pour la visite