Friday, May 13, 2011

Birds at My Patch

Well, since Blogger has been shut down for almost a day and they are still restoring my recent and scheduled posts related to the Birding App study, let me take this opportunity to share some photos taken in the last week at my birding patch along the Jordan River in Salt Lake City!

Yellow Warbler
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Northern Rough-winged Swallows
Dusky Flycatcher
I am fairly confident on the i.d. especially since it was calling and I confirmed the sound using my iBird app, but I am always open to learning from any flycatcher pros out there!
Western Tanager


  1. Lovely pair of Swallows. I've never seen a photo of those.

  2. A great variety of birds. The Yellow Warbler is especially beautiful against the blue sky.

  3. Beautiful shots from your patch Robert! The Ruby-crowned Kinglet is one of my favorite birds and you have captured him perfectly, wow! The Yellow Warbler looks great against that blue sky too.

    Hey, call is the key to empid ID but what I really wanted to say is, if you find a "flycatcher pro" let me know. They must be as rare as hens teeth ;-0

  4. @Kah-Wai - Thanks! I'm enjoying the great bird photos are you blog site too!

    @gwendolen - It is fun when the swallows will pose for me light that! I was surprised at how close they would let me approach. The tree is growing out of a river bank, so I am able to site at eye level with the branches on the bank and the swallows like the perch, so a great place for photos!

    @Mick - and I didn't even use photoshop to make the sky bluer!

    @Larry - I've been after a photo of the ruby crown on the Ruby-crowned Kinglet for some time. This little guy was very obliging. Another Kinglet was calling nearby so I think the red was raised in display or for territory defense.

  5. Wow! The Yellow Warbler is beautiful and yowsers on the Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Love that crown!

  6. Beautiful assortment of birds. Great post and photos!

  7. Wonderful series-great photos!