Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Check out the eBird enhancements!

The eBird team is rolling out new enhancements to the data entry process.  I have found that it takes me even less time now and the new format is more inviting me to contribute additional information.  I've been using it for a few weeks now and I love it!  You too can now use the new version of eBird:


Don't worry!  All of your old data is still there and the new data all goes to the same place.

First of all, the list of birds is in one column in taxonomic order.  Second, they have reduced the number of steps to submit the checklist; it now takes a few less clicks and you don't have to go through as many screens.  They've also created the ability to group the birds by those most likely to be seen at your location.  Just check the little box in the right sidebar to do that.  It still lists all the species below that group, so if something less likely shows up, it is still there to be selected.  From that same sidebar toolbar you can "Show Rarities".  Below are screen shots of an actual checklist I entered for my birding patch during my lunch-hour.

I know you could contribute gender, age, and nesting information in the past, but it seemed so cumbersome that I rarely did.  Now I do much more often.  See that little "Add Details" button next to the bird names above?  Click that and you get the screen shown below.

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