Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recent photos from my patch

White-crowned Sparrow
I believe this is the gambelii subspecies based on the gray, not black lores, and the orange bill.
I started birding at my new lunch-hour patch along the Jordan River in Salt Lake City, Utah in January.  Four months later and I am currently up to 51 species of birds with a ton more coming in Spring migration.  I submit all of my bird sightings on eBird because it keeps track of them for me and organizes them far better than I ever could.  Following the migration patterns at a relatively small location that I know intimately and visit regularly is very rewarding and educational.  You can see a list of what I have been seeing at my patch in the sidebar on the right down near the bottom.

A preening Northern Rough-winged Swallow
American Robin
Mallard drake defending his hen.
Butterfly on sprouting thistle - I'm not sure on the Butterfly i.d., but I am thinking it looks like some kind of Sulphur, perhaps cloudless???


  1. Cool sight on your patch and the white-crowned sparrow is a wonderful bird. Sorry I cannot help you with the butterfly ID, it does not have any feather ;-)

  2. Good to see your patch list total climbing upwards Robert with some cracking photos. Mine is stuck on 64 at the moment ... hearing more than I'm seeing with all the fresh thickening foliage.

  3. Nice captures! Love the White-crowned

  4. @Chris @Frank @Jean @YsMum - Thanks all for your nice comments. I've always really enjoyed White-crowned Sparrows. We'll see how long they stick around before returning to the cooler mountain areas. Frank, I'll see if I can catch up to 64 in the month of May.