Sunday, May 1, 2011

BirdWatcher's Digest - Bill of the Birds! - Great Salt Lake Bird Festival

One of my favorite birding magazines is BirdWatcher's Digest which I get delivered digitally every other month. Editor of BirdWatcher's Digest, Bill Thompson III  also hosts a fantastic blog called Bill of the Birds.  His blog features bird photos and reports, poetry, This Birding Life podcasts, and occasional caption contests for some rather interesting photos.  I have to admit that I get sucked into his caption contest photos as I feel the infrequent creative juices start flowing.  Well, my caption for the most recent contest (see it here) won a $20 gift certificate to the BWD Nature Shop.  Wahoo!!!

Bill Thompson III (BT3) is a popular speaker (and musician) on the bird festival circuit.  I am very excited for the opportunity of meeting him in a couple weeks at the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival.  I signed up to attend a field trip with Bill to Farmington Bay WMA for a "Behind-the-Gates" tour.  My wife and I are also going to the festival Dutch Oven Dinner to hear Bill's keynote address which I am sure will be foot-stompin', hootin' n' hollerin', eyes waterin' and belly-laughin' good time.

So, Bill, for my prize, I think I'll take a BWD Bino Harness.  After my jokes about man-boobs and bino harness wearing style (see the comments on the link) at your expense, could I really ask for anything else?!  Maybe I can get it personally delivered when you come to Salt Lake for the bird festival!!!

Side-notes:  Bill's wife, Julie Zickefoose is also a highly talented nature writer, gardener, speaker, and musician who blogs here.  She can be heard at times on NPR.  I also admire Bill and Julie because they just seem like nerdy-cool parents to Phoebe and Liam.

I'm also very excited to meet Sharon Stiteler the BirdChick at the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival where she will be representing Swarovski Optik and teaching a digiscoping workshop.

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  1. It sounds like you are going to have an interesting and most enjoyable time at the Bird Festival. And congrats on winning the gift certificate!