Monday, November 12, 2012

Birding in a movie sighting

When in comes to national holidays, it seems that so many of us forget what they are really about. A day off of work is really a great day for birding, right?! Well, to combat my own proneness to forgetting the meaning of the day, I always try and do something to help me remember. A couple days ago, while browsing  free movies on my Amazon Prime account I came across "Memorial Day" starring James Cromwell. This may be a movie about two generations of men recalling heart-wrenching wartime experiences, but you might be surprised that there is a subtle birding-by-ear theme running throughout the movie too. Anyway, just thought I'd share this birding in a movie sighting with you. It might also give you a moments reflection on this day we honor military veterans. (Yesterday - Nov 11th - was officially Veterans Day, but today is the government day off work.)

I'm grateful for the service of my brother, a brother-in-law, both grandfathers and several great-grandfathers, and many extended family members who have donned the uniform in the defense of freedom and human rights. I'm thankful for their sacrifice and for the sacrifice of their families while they were in harms way. To all veterans everywhere, God bless you and yours!

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